Golden Garden Publishing is proud to introduce our first author George E. Edenfield.
George grew up in the beautiful and historic city of Savannah, Ga. It was his love of art which lead him initially to pursue a career in sculpting. Later, he would again draw upon this artistic gift to enhance the residential homes he built throughout coastal Georgia and South Carolina.

“Would You… Read Me To Sleep?” is his first published literary work. George Edenfield will tell you that he long harbored the deep passionate desire to write professionally, having written for his own entertainment since he was a child. Through this latest pursuit, he hopes to explore the infinite potential of applying his faith to the wonderful medium of the written word. He aspires to leverage the magical power of this awesome venue to not only inspire, but to deeply touch and enrich the hearts of the readers who chance to encounter his work.

His first published work is “Would You… Read Me To Sleep?” for Golden Garden Publishing. With several other works well underway, we are honored to announce that George has already garnered his first literary award, winning the Gold Award for Children’s Literature in the first annual ELit Awards for the first issued eBook version of “Would You… Read Me To Sleep?”.

Golden Garden Publishing entertains high expectations that this will be only the first award in what we suspect will be a stellar literary career.

George Edenfield currently resides near his child hood home of Savannah with his family.