Our Mission Statement

Probably since the beginning of time mankind has enjoyed the rich heritage of Story Time. From the time when children are first aware of things around them, they love to end their day with a bedtime story and gently fall asleep in the warm secure arms of a loving Mom or Dad. These intimate moments grow into a cherished legacy of treasured memories that enrich not only the life of the child, but also the lives of any parent.  Such memories live on in anyone’s heart forever.

Golden Garden Publishing will always strive to honor this rich legacy of Story Time by producing children’s books of unique beauty and word. We shall produce stories that will inspire the heart and bless the soul and hopefully will be as interesting and fun for the parent to read as they are the child. By doing so, we will provide an invaluable medium that attempts to nurture the bond of love between parent and child.

Therefore it will always be the mission of Golden Garden Publishing to produce literature that not only fosters this paramount endeavor, but is also of critical interest and value to people of all ages.

It is our deepest passion and desire that the works produced herein will be a constant source of beloved memories for all and that Golden Garden Publishing will become synonymous with the love of family and the time honored tradition of Story Time.

Whereas our primary focus at this time will be to produce stories for younger audiences we also will press forward to produce works that we trust will be of critical interest to readers of all ages.

However, in every project this company engages in, we will endeavor to honor the principles of our Christian Faith and of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is our mission that all we do through this company will be pleasing to Him and that He will use our meager efforts to strengthen and encourage His cornerstone of humanity, The Family.

The management of

Golden Garden Publishing, Inc.

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