Would you? Read Me To Sleep ?

would_you_read_me_to_sleep_ebookThe Need:

If you were asked, “What is the primary desire of most children?” how would you answer? The newest toy, the hottest game, the latest fad. Well it has been said that if a child?s number one desire could be condensed into one simple word that word would be TIME. The time they get to spend with the two most important people in their lives, their mother and father.

It is a sad reality that in our material inebriated culture the average parent spends less than 5 minutes a day talking with their children. With this need in mind we present a timeless story of love and companionship. A story that embodies this paramount need fulfilled.

The Story:

Leia and her father enjoy spending time with one another more than anything. They love taking long afternoon walks together. On these walks Leia enjoys many fun filled activities??treasure hunting being one of her favorites. Leia”s favorite time of all, however, is at the end of the day when her father treats slotsvocarped her to story-time. One night, Leia”s father tells the story of a fantastic hidden treasure and the mysterious golden keys that alone hold the power to unlock the riches within.

Join Leia as she embarks on a quest to solve this amazing mystery. Will Leia solve the mystery and discover the secret of this dgfev online casino incredible treasure? Come along as a father and daughter spend a lifetime investing in one of the most beloved pastimes of childhood??story-time, and along the way, they both discover the awesome of course as much as tea/juice are good for you health, I read on the bottle “ detox pills and Clean”. splendor of the greatest treasure of all.

Can you find all of the golden keys?

This delightful story, with its beautiful art and inspiring message, is destined to become a treasured classic for both parent and child alike.

In life, few experiences invoke fonder memories than the activity of story time. This simple pastime possesses an almost supernatural quality that generates a richness of intimacy unequaled by most parent child activities. The eternal bond of love that Take your zydot shampoo ownership to a new level. is forged between a parent and child grows into a timeless legacy of never forgotten memories that flourish eternal amid the ever radiant and fertile warmth of the human heart.

? From the introduction of ?Would You? Read Me To Sleep??
By George E. Edenfield

We invite you to join us in our quest to assist parent and child in attaining the ultimate goal of eternal love. We encourage all who visit here to seek that warmest of family moments through the Divine gift of story time?

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